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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Stomatology
active ingredients: Resorcinol, Camphor
laboratory: Dentsply

Paste for dental use
2 ml syringe
All forms


Local adjuvant treatment of periodontal disease in the adult after periodontal repair (scaling, gingival curettage).

Dosage PARADENTOSE PASTE Paste for dental use Syringe of 2 ml

Medicine reserved for adults.
Local application at the level of the gingival site to be treated.
Isolate the gums with cotton rolls and dry them as well as possible. Apply a small amount of product. Perform a gingival massage. Leave on for 5 minutes then ask the patient to rinse his mouth thoroughly. Perform a new application every 4 to 5 days as needed, depending on the gingival condition.

Against indications

- Allergy to one of the constituents including wool fat or lanolin.
- Children under 15 years old.

Adverse effects Paradentose Paste

Possibilities of feelings of heat and tingling.

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