Facial paralysis: treatments

The urgency of facial paralysis is to determine the cause in order to treat it.

In general when the facial paralysis is partial, healing is done naturally in the space of two to eight weeks. The one known as frigore is spontaneously reversible in 80% of cases.

For others, including complete facial paralysis, recovery can last up to a year despite treatments. Rarely, it can leave after effects like a slight paralysis (paresis) facial, an asymmetry of the face, uncontrollable reflexes (secretion of tears during meals).


It is necessary to protect the eye which does not close. In the absence of tears and blinks, it could dry out and become the seat of infections. To prevent loss of vision, an eye mask and glasses are available during the day and a dressing to close the eye during the night. Artificial tears and antiseptic drops are combined. In some cases, doctors propose a tarsorraphy (temporary suture of the eyelids).

A corticosteroid is set up once the viral cause has been eliminated because it is a contraindication. Starting as soon as possible, taking corticosteroids can spread over several weeks with a gradual decrease in dosage and allows a faster recovery.

When the treatment of the cause has not given results and the facial paralysis persists, the solutions are then more of the order of the correction of the paralysis to help the patient to find a quality of life. These include surgical alternatives to recover symmetry.

All these techniques are accompanied by physiotherapy sessions and / or speech therapies very early to leave the least sequels. It is possible that the doctor will use botulinum toxin that he will inject in different parts of the face, especially when there are muscle spasms.

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