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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Infectiology - Parasitology
active ingredients: Minocycline
laboratory: Sunstar France

Gel for dental use
Box of 3 Sachets of 1 pre-filled syringe
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"Antibacterial" treatment in addition to the usual mechanical treatments of periodontosis.

Official recommendations concerning the appropriate use of antibacterials should be taken into account.

Dosage PAROCLINE 2% Gel for dental use Box of 3 sachets of 1 pre-filled syringe

Insert the tip of the applicator into the periodontal pockets of each tooth as deeply as possible, before administering a sufficient amount of gel to fill the pockets. Approximately 25 mg of gel are administered in the pockets 5 to 7 mm deep.

The treatment will begin with applications every 14 days, up to a total of 3 or 4 applications (4 to 6 weeks). Then, applications will be made every three months.

Against indications

· Antibiotic allergy of the tetracycline family.

· Use of this medication should be avoided in children under 8 years of age because of the risk of permanent tooth staining and tooth enamel hypoplasia.

· Pregnancy and breast-feeding: (see section Pregnancy and breast-feeding ).

· Combination with retinoids (see section Interactions with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction ).

Parocline side effects

· Gingival irritation, local pain, bruising, gingival edema, tooth abscess.

· Diarrhea, gastric pain.

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