Going for a spa after pregnancy

Weight gain, back pain, blood circulation problems ... pregnancy is sometimes accompanied by many small inconveniences. To restore the body after delivery , a cure in thalassotherapy can be a good solution.

A thalasso with baby or without baby, with or without dad ... The care program of the "thalasso young mother" is primarily focused on the physical and moral well-being of the young mother.

Depending on the thalassotherapy centers or the formula chosen, the treatments offered may be different. But in a general way, the post-natal cure will focus on the fitness of the mother and the remodeling of her figure.

In order to privilege the mother-baby relationship, care in "duo" can be offered. Thalassos are also organized to monitor and care for baby while the mother is caring for her. A true happiness for the young mother, often exhausted. Which explains the great success of the thalasso baby mum.

In this issue we will focus on the various treatments available in post-natal care (silhouette remodeling, improvement of the venous circulation ... and baby care!), And what are the precautions and contraindications of thalassotherapy after a pregnancy.

Discover our expert interview with hydrotherapist Muriel Pessoto who explains the physical and psychological benefits of thalassotherapy after pregnancy.

You want to know how it really is, a thalasso for young mothers? Then read the testimony of Marie, 35, who did a post-natal cure. And above all: do not miss our VIDEO "I tested the post-natal cure"!

Author: Clémentine Fitaire.

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