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Dry skin: the diagnosis

To establish an accurate diagnosis of dry skin, a general practitioner or better dermatologist can be consulted. He is looking for an allergy or a possible predisposition to allergies.

In order to establish the cause or causes of dry skin, the dermatologist will ask you many questions, for example:

  • Since when is the skin dry?
  • Is it accompanied by other symptoms?
  • Do you suffer from allergies or other basic illnesses?
  • Do you take regular medications?
  • Have you changed your food habits recently?

Then the doctor will examine your skin to determine where the body is and where the skin is dry. It has specific devices allowing it to establish with precision the degree of hydration and roughness of your skin, as well as the amount of fat in the epidermis.

Allergy tests explore the presence of a possible allergy that could cause dry skin, such as an allergy against certain foods or jewelry containing nickel.

Depending on the presumed cause of dry skin, further examinations may be necessary to confirm this suspicion, for example:

  • an analysis of blood or stool,
  • a colonoscopy,
  • a biopsy,
  • an ultrasound,
  • A radiograph.

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