Sensitive skin: the best makeup solutions

Irritable, uncomfortable, a sensitive skin is above all a fragile skin, and therefore very reactive. Quickly assaulted, she needs appropriate care to comfort her and help her to defend herself.

But finding the product that suits him can quickly become a real headache, so as to think makeup ... many are those who prefer to give up. Yet, sensitive skin and makeup are not incompatible. With a little patience, we can find the right makeup formula for sensitive skin!

In this folder you find all the information and many tips to achieve it:
> Choose your cosmetics,
> And keep them well,
> Remove makeup without attacking your skin,
> And finally, the advice of Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist.

But before embarking on proper care and make-up products for sensitive skin, let's start by explaining what we are talking about: what is meant by "sensitive skin"? And what are the signs that identify it as such?

Sensitive skin: what is it?

Fine and delicate, your skin blushes, pecks, pulls for nothing? Extremely reactive, she quickly becomes uncomfortable and irritable? You certainly have sensitive skin ...

Often thinner than "normal" skin, sensitive skin tends to react more or less violently to everything around it : often unsuitable cosmetics, environment (wind, cold, heat, water, pollution, friction of clothing. ..), tobacco, stress ...

Result: it is covered with small red patches, even small pimples, dries quickly, becomes rough, and sometimes painful. For the unluckiest, the slightest annoyance, a flood of emotions, or a simple food gap, and that's the skin of your face that "revenge".

In these conditions, not easy to live in peace with your skin, especially sensitive skin is, more than others still, prone to allergic reactions and other inconveniences.

Sensitivity, intolerance, allergy.

When you have sensitive skin, it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between simple redness called "reaction" and a true allergic skin rash.

Indeed, a sensitive skin is a skin that suffers, and is an ideal ground for the appearance of allergic phenomena . Because, unfortunately for those who are concerned, the allergy is often the next step.

Irritated, and therefore destructured, a sensitive epidermis promotes allergic episodes, punctual or more recurrent: the skin barrier no longer fulfilling its protective role, poorly tolerated elements then have carte blanche to damage the fragile skin.

And when it comes to cosmetics, it is often very difficult to identify the disruptive agent. A small clue however: they are often the same ones that we find on the dock, namely synthetic perfumes and chemical dyes, but also preservatives (parabens), and all ingredients irritating or desiccating by nature, astringents, absorbents or purifiers (alcohol, clays, silicas, fruit acids, retinol ...).

Author: St├ęphanie Thibault.
Consultant experts: Dr Nina Roos, dermatologist and member of the French Society of Dermatology, and Marie-France Nachtrab, beautician and director of the Institut Peausitive in Paris.
Last update: April 2016

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