Losing 1 kg per week: the advice of the specialist doctor

Dr. Jacques Fricker, nutritionist doctor, gives his advice to lose weight with the method 2-4-7 ...

How was the 2-4-7 method born?

Dr. Jacques Fricker: There are 2 complementary sources. First, scientific research; the studies give a solid and coherent frame on what works for the long term in terms of weight loss. Then my experience as a doctor in consultation. It is this long practice of listening to patients that makes it possible to give flexibility and develop recommendations related to "real life". In terms of behavior, relationship taste, emotional and cultural with food.

What are the habits that it is good to integrate to lose weight without regrossir?

Dr. JF: I realized a synthesis of the latest scientific works, for the ANSES (national agency of safety of the food, the environment and the work) on the weight stabilization after slimming. If you want to put on your side all the chances to lose weight and not to take back lost pounds, here are the most important points to consider: move more often - so yes to sport, but also to walk in his daily movements or climb the stairs, eat protein-rich foods every day, have a low glycemic index diet, that is to say, prefer slow carbohydrates and avoid fast sugars, eat vegetables regularly, acquire a certain regularity in his eating habits and eat his hunger in the morning, weigh himself regularly, which does not mean every day, once a week is enough!

On the other hand, we sometimes resort to behavior based on ideas that are not necessarily just ...

Dr. JF: Yes, such as "never skip a meal"; it's actually detrimental if you're in a bind, but if you're not hungry there's no problem. "Systematically having a hearty breakfast" is an unfounded notion of weight loss, just eat enough (no more, no less) at the time of the morning when you feel the need, not necessarily at breakfast time. We are all different, we must be wary of everything that is systematic ...

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Sources and notes:
- J. Fricker, Lose with the 2-4-7 method, Odile Jacob, 2014.
- J. Fricker, Lose weight quickly and well, Odile Jacob, 2012.

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