Losing thighs: feeding

1 - The good dietary rules

One can try, to begin, to change certain dietary habits and follow dietary advice, especially with moderate intake of fat and fast sugars.

It is important not to skip meals, starting with foods that provide fiber, trace elements and minerals, vegetable and animal protein (low fat), legumes, restricting high fat and high sugar foods. fast in our diet.

Diets too strict should be avoided, since they are not good for health and even less for the line! And there is a risk of quickly regaining weight once the diet is stopped.

Preferred :

  • Foods rich in fiber and protein, which keep the line and stay healthy.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables.

To restrict as much as possible:

  • High-fat foods such as butter, oils, milk chocolate and white chocolate, pastries, charcuterie, cream, cheeses ...
  • Sweet drinks (sodas).
  • Some sauces (mayonnaise ...).
  • Alcoholic drinks.

Finally, we can also focus on starchy foods that participate in the feeling of satiety. You must also drink a lot of water, to give the body the hydration it needs to counteract the retention of water, but also reduce its desire to nibble.

Good to know: Foods that contain fiber

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