Losing thighs: cryolipolysis in aesthetic medicine

4 - The help of aesthetic medicine

In women, the thighs correspond to a storage area of ​​adipose tissue. Aesthetic medicine and surgery offer techniques to act on this fat, losing centimeters around the thighs.

These two disciplines allow a definitive elimination of a certain number of adipocytes (cells that store fat). The proposed techniques are called "bodycontouring or bodyshaping" to redraw the silhouette of the thighs.

Cryolipolysis, the most common technique today

Cryolipolysis is today the technique most often proposed in aesthetic medicine to remove some of the fat located on the thighs.

How it works ?

The principle: during a session of about one hour, the fat cells (temperature below -10 ° C) are strongly cooled using a device.

Generally, a single cryolipolysis session is necessary to obtain results. About 30% reduction in volume of the treated area is achieved, with more than 2 cm per thigh, with results being evaluated after 3 to 4 months.

The side effects

Side effects and complications are relatively low. A small pain may persist for 7 to 10 days after the cryolipolysis session, a small edema may appear, and in rare cases, hematomas.

There is also a fairly frequent decrease in the sensitivity of the treated area for 2 to 3 weeks (which is quite normal). It is important, after cryolipolysis, to avoid sport for 5 days.

After the session

After the session, no sick leave, no panty, you can return to work immediately.

This treatment can be supplemented by other treatments, such as endermology sessions (skin and fat manipulation, cellulite massage).

Warning : it should be noted that cryolipolysis is a technique that does not fight against cellulite, but on the fat cells located deep in the thighs.

The price: It takes about 1, 200 euros per session, not reimbursed by the Health Insurance.

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