Losing thighs: sports

2 - Targeted physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle is the number one enemy of too curvy thighs! To lose thighs through physical activity, it is first recommended to remuster your body globally, then intervene specifically to reshape the thighs.

Endurance activity is generally recommended to lose fat in the legs and thighs.

  • Walking will promote blood circulation and the elimination of fat.
  • Running allows you to lose weight quickly. Little trick: running slowly but over time will be more effective than running fast but little time. Alternating walking and running is a very good technique so that physical effort seems less intense.
  • Cycling directly solicits the leg muscles, helping to lose centimeters in the thighs and buttocks.
  • The skipping rope will be a good way to burn calories and firm the thighs (to avoid however if one tends to suffer from venous insufficiency, or of urinary leakage).
  • The aquagym will help strengthen the thighs, thanks to the action of water that will tone this part of the body.

A tip: for skipping rope, or running ... use good shoes that absorb shocks, and do this physical activity on a floor not too hard.

To have more chances to lose thighs, you must follow a regular physical activity, ideally 3 times a week. The fat will then gradually diminish, and the muscles will grow.

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3 - A positive attitude

This seems obvious, and yet still needs to be given the means ... Regarding dietary changes or the increase in physical activity, it is important to put all the assets on his side.

Will alone is not enough ...

Behaviorists will tell you: if, for example, you want to practice physical activity, and run, you must make the necessary arrangements to do so without hindrance. If your running shoes are buried at the bottom of the closet, if your sportswear is still spread on your dryer ... you will have so many arguments for not doing your physical activity.

Ditto for food. If at home, you do not have adequate food for a balanced diet, it will be difficult to achieve easily!

Agree for the positive attitude, but with all that goes with a purely material point of view.

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