Losing hips

Buttocks, thighs and hips ... These areas of the body are often a source of complex, especially in women, because the fat often tends to locate just there, from the pelvis to the thighs.

The good news is that there are ways to lose hips quickly! Here are some tips to refine the silhouette to successfully close his pants more easily. But before attacking the mission "stop at the hips", let's first try to find out why these unwanted pounds are settling precisely in this precise place ...

Hips, storage place

We know that all too well, fat tends to store on some parts of the body more than others: the belly, hips, thighs ... This phenomenon is physiological and allows the body to make "Reserves" when needed. Women have a particular tendency to take hips, especially towards the end of adolescence. The reason is simple: the body is preparing to welcome a pregnancy!

Over the years, if you tend to be overweight, if the diet is particularly unbalanced ... the hips will be prone to gain weight.

From the menopause, some women can see their hips refine. And in many women, the fat will be more specifically around the abdominal belt.

But as for everything, every woman is unique and life is sometimes unfair: while some "take everything" in the hips, others have a more balanced distribution of fat ...

Apart from this physiological factor, other causes may be at the origin of weight gain on the hips: heredity, poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet or sedentary lifestyle.

Finally, it should be noted that poor circulation, particularly with venous insufficiency in the legs, promotes fluid retention in the lower limbs and therefore hips that become larger.

If you want to lose hips quickly, there are different ways to follow: food and sports, of course, but also targeted massages and, why not as a last resort, cosmetic surgery.

Discover in this file the different methods to choose the one (s) that will help you to find a fine size!

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