Losing hips: other solutions

But sometimes, despite a balanced diet and regular physical activity, losing hips remains difficult. This is due to the presence of deep lipid layers that can be eliminated only by local interventions ... on the hips.

Several methods exist, and to find out which one is best for you, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor. These solutions are more radical, especially if we use cosmetic surgery.

To lose hips, in terms of cosmetic surgery, the following techniques are available:


It is the most widely practiced cosmetic surgery operation in the world. It allows you to remove, by aspiration, fat stored in depth, and resistant to dieting. Liposuction also called liposuction will be especially effective if the increase in hip volume is recent.


This technique involves injecting with needles, a solution that allows to separate the fat cells.

The electrolipolysis

A very weak current is sent into the fatty tissue through fine needles and will cause the deterioration of the fat cells.

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Sources: 8 minutes a day to lose weight down, Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison, Marabout.

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