Losing hips: the sport

A must to refine and tone your figure, a sporting activity must become a daily reflex! To lose hips, some sports disciplines can be particularly recommended, for example running, dancing, yoga or fitness.

The good news is that sport is practiced ... anywhere! And yes, at home, you can also practice "special hip" exercises 4 to 5 times a week: fast and effective, you should quickly see the results of these sessions.

Here are some examples of video exercises to lose hips :

4 exercises and the advice of the sports coach to lose weight hips!


Regular massage can help - if not lose your hips - at least reduce the appearance of orange peel and activate the blood circulation to reduce water retention.

In institute or at home, with circular movements supported and a slimming oil, you will quickly see results on the tone of your skin.

If you do not know how to do it, here are some explanations in video on the palpate-rolling .

Treat venous insufficiency

If you are prone to experiencing problems with venous circulation, you should definitely consider treating this problem. The goal is to promote venous circulation and to prevent the legs from swelling (victim of edema).

The wearing of compression stockings is usually the first treatment proposed. But we can also advise you pressotherapy, lymphatic aquadrainage ...

In video: Discover exercises to perform to improve the venous circulation!

Our coach shows the exercises to be performed regularly to promote venous return.

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