Losing belly: the waistline

Everyone is talking about waistline. But what is it exactly? Which waistline is "normal", and from which moment should we be concerned?

The waist is a reflection of the accumulation of fat in the stomach. It is considered to be a point of alarm when it passes.

  • 94 cm in the man and
  • 80 cm in the woman.

This does not mean that there is necessarily a significant risk to health, because we must evaluate other parameters such as: blood sugar, triglycerides, blood pressure, and depending on the overall results, we can confirm whether to worry and act. The waistline itself, alone, is not enough to define a risk.

Beyond a waist measurement of 102 cm in men and 90 cm in women, it is considered that there is a significant abdominal overload . In most cases, you will have to be careful and lose your stomach.
The biological examinations (by a blood test) and the measurement of the arterial pressure will make it possible to say if this accumulation of fat in the belly has a repercussion dangerous for the health or not.

It is not only waist circumference that is a criterion of gravity, waist circumference is a first indication that must be interpreted with the results of biological examinations : some people will have to be more careful than others even for low waistlines.

See also our video with exercises to slim down the size:

4 exercises and the advice of our sports coach to have the fine size!

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