Can we drink Red Bull safely? : ANSES recommendations

Advertising targets young people and all those looking for a "whiplash" effect or intellectual stimulation: in case of temporary tiredness, overwork to keep the blow ... But beware, these drinks called "energizing" n ' is a commercial and marketing term, reminds ANSES.

Energy drinks: tips from Anses

  • Do not drink these so-called energizing drinks with alcohol.
  • Do not use it while exercising.
  • Some audiences should avoid drinking: pregnant women, or breastfeeding, children and adolescents.
  • Be very careful about these drinks when a person is particularly sensitive to caffeine (heart rhythm disorders, panic attack, anxiety ...), or in case of specific diseases such as kidney failure, epilepsy. ..
  • In general, for everyone, it is advisable to moderate caffeine consumption.

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Recommendations to doctors ...

The National Agency for Sanitary Safety, Food, Environment, Labor also recommends to doctors:

  • Take into account the possible consumption of these drinks when analyzing certain symptoms.
  • To continue to alert him if there are suspicions of adverse effects related to these drinks.

Red Bull ® for athletes?

Red Bull® is a drink called "energizing", not energy.
It is important to make the distinction because too many athletes wrongly believe that it is a drink of effort. "Energy drink is a marketing term, " says the French Agency for Food Safety (ANSES).

This drink does not seem ideal in case of physical effort, especially because it contains too much caffeine: its diuretic power increases the urge to urinate, so promotes the escape of minerals. If you drink too much, it prevents good recovery and promotes injury.

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Our advices :

  • In athletes, the effects of caffeine absorption (tachycardia, peripheral vasoconstriction, high blood pressure) can be harmful during exercise and can lead to the development of sometimes serious heart rhythm disorders.
  • Finally, Red Bull® has no "osmotic" properties (ease of digestion and assimilation of nutrients). Its acidic terrain could also be conducive to sports injuries such as tendonitis.
  • In the end, ANSES recommends not drinking so-called energy drinks during physical activity. At the risk of seeing health problems.

The ideal diet for athletes

Red Bull ®: who should not drink it?

  • These so-called energizing drinks are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
  • They are also discouraged for children and adolescents, and people sensitive to the effects of caffeine or having conditions, such as certain cardiovascular, psychiatric and neurological disorders, in case of renal insufficiency or important liver diseases ...

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Since Red Bull® and similar energy drinks may also cause hyperexcitability, irritability, nervousness and anxiety, it is not recommended to associate them with alcohol, substances or medications that have action on the central nervous system or neurological effects.

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