Athlete's foot: Treatments

To be sure to get rid of athlete's foot, it is best to avoid treating yourself alone, but rather consult a doctor or podiatrist.

The treatment is based on a drug, a locally applied antifungal, in the form of sprays, lotions or creams. The applications are continued for three to six weeks, even if the lesions have disappeared. When the infection is very extensive, or if it can not be cured with this treatment, the doctor may prescribe an oral antifungal (tablets).

In addition to this treatment to treat athlete's foot, it is also necessary to have a rigorous hygiene of the feet. The toilet is made with Marseille soap and the drying of the feet must be meticulous, especially in interdigital spaces. Wearing cotton socks, or at least natural fibers, is recommended.

Regarding the shoes, it is better to choose airy shoes. The ideal being the sandals, in summer ...

Some tips to avoid recurrences:

> Avoid walking barefoot in risky places: changing rooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums. Adopt the sandals!

> For shoes and socks, prefer natural fibers! And do not forget from time to time to ventilate your feet.

> Keep the nails short, this facilitates the detection of lesions.

> Optionally, spray your shoes once a week with antifungal treatment bought at the pharmacy.

> Wash, disinfect, or dispose of contaminated shoes.

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