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Why learn Tai chi chuan?

Simply put, Tai chi chuan is halfway between yoga and martial arts.

Tai chi chuan is a kind of very soft gym, taking up postures of combat, and chaining them with amplitude concentrating the mind on the different energies of the body.

Why learn Tai chi chuan? Because it is a physical discipline that allows you to better control and rejuvenate your internal energies.

"Tai chi chuan or taichi? "

Phonetic transcription from the Chinese language gives "Tai Ji Quan":

  • Tai means great, immense, supreme.
  • Ji means the top of the roof, or more exactly the keystone of the frame.
  • Quan means the gesture of the warrior saluting the emperor: the fist covered by the other hand at the height of the face.

The combination of these three ideograms translates into "Boxing of the Highest Peak".

Tai Chi chuan is a derivative of several martial arts techniques from China, which would be practiced for over 500 years. In Chinese society, martial arts were fighting techniques designed to defend against attacks from populations in neighboring countries. Today many Chinese spend time in public gardens or at home, to learn Tai Chi chuan and practice it ...

You too want to learn Tai chi chuan? In this issue, you will discover the principles that are at the base of this Chinese discipline, as well as the health benefits it can have. And of course, you will also find practical information on how and where to learn Tai Chi Chuan.

Also read the testimony of a follower of this martial art as well as the advice of a teacher of Tai Chi chuan.

Author: Clémentine Fitaire.
Consultant: Philippe Gouédard *, professor of Tai Chi Chuan at the Jujitsu Association in Paris.
May 2015.

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