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When speech therapy is necessary ...: and after ...

It is possible that the speech therapist offers additional exams . For example, an auditory assessment at an ENT or a report in psychomotility, psychology or neuropsychology.

Once the care accepted by the Social Security, the sessions, which can go up to fifty (or more), can begin. The care is renewable when needed with a new medical prescription (renewal assessment, follow-up rehabilitation if necessary).

The speech therapist can also schedule an appointment to perform another assessment a few months later to re-evaluate the difficulties if he deems it necessary.

How many sessions

Depending on the condition your child is suffering from, the number of sessions varies: there will be between one and fifty sessions, sometimes more, in the speech therapist.

> For a common pronunciation problem, it takes between 5 and 30 sessions. At the rate of one or two sessions of thirty minutes on average per week, your child will learn to pronounce sounds using media such as images or sometimes objects, or even games: lotto or memory. The speech therapist practices a reeducation of the language and will probably invite you to continue the exercises in the form of fun games once at home.

> For a slightly larger problem, such as a language disorder related to head trauma, dysphasia or major dyslexia, a disability, it takes between one and two sessions per week, over a period that may range from one to two years or more depending on the problem.

useful addresses

Associations can help you in case of difficulties. Here are some of them:

French Federation of DYS

APEDA France
French Association of parents of children with learning difficulties in written and oral language
(Dyslexia, Dysorthography, Dysgraphy, Dyscalculia, Dysphasia)
6, Allée Antoine Lemaistre
78460 Chevreuse
Such. : 06 61 00 61 66

Federation of associations of parents of dyslexic children
3, Dead End of the Slope
95280 Jouy-le-Moutier

Association Avenir Dysphasie France (AAD France)
20 bis, avenue Carnot
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

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