When the pregnancy ends badly ...

It's a drama. When the death of the fetus in utero occurs, when the baby that was expected ... will not come, the woman as her companion can live this moment only in the suffering, requiring an adapted help and support.

Unfortunately, just like children or adults, a fetus may be exposed to diseases, viruses or bacteria, or even drugs or potentially dangerous products.

In general, the placental barrier protects the baby, but in rare cases, germs can pass through it. There may be complications, malformations, and in the worst case, the death of the fetus. Sometimes the lesions are so serious with consequences on the development of the child, that it is suggested to the parents to resort to a Medical Interruption of Pregnancy (IMG). This provision can also be considered when the fetus suffers from an unsustainable genetic disease.

Why can a pregnancy end badly? How does childbirth occur in case of death in utero?

Discover in this file the advice of a child psychiatrist and a gyneco-obstetrician to face this difficult moment. Read also the testimony of Fabienne, whose baby died in utero.

Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoye.

Expert consultants: Dr. Marie-José Soubieux, child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Institute of Childcare and Perinatology of Paris.
Dr. Jérôme Hautefeuille, obstetrician-gynecologist.
January 2011.

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