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What savings are made thanks to generics? : The advice of a pharmacist

Martial Fraysse, pharmacist in Ile de France, we learn more about generic drugs ...

Who decides on the price of a generic medicine?
It is a commission of experts (the CEPS, Economic Committee for Health Products) which determines the price of a generic medicine. In general, a generic is 15 to 50% cheaper than the original drug.

What do you think about rumors about generic drugs?
People may be apprehensive when they hear people say "loved ones" or neighbors. For example, some say that with generics, the healing time is longer than with the originator. But all this is not demonstrated. All these statements break the trust, but the drug is a product for which one must have confidence.

What should be done to restore this confidence?
I think that transparency is needed for people to trust generic drugs. We must not forget that generics are subject to the same controls as the originators and are quality drugs.
Currently, the generic is a way to treat the greatest number with quality products.

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