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Snoring: The advice of the specialist

Interview of Dr. Rémy Vautrin, ENT doctor and head and neck surgeon , on snoring, its causes and treatments. To read the advice of this specialist doctor ...

Why are men more concerned with snoring than women?

A relative narrowness of the pharynx in men compared to that of women is an argument often advanced, explaining the clear predominance of snoring in men before 40 years. With age, weight gain, loss of soft tissue elasticity tends to limit this male predominance of snoring.

Are some people more likely to snore than others?

Overweight causes snoring to appear or strengthen: treating it is certainly the most effective way of reducing its intensity. Anatomically, there are factors favoring the appearance of snoring: a short and wide neck, a retrognatime (pronounced receding chin) which promotes the fall of the tongue base lying down, a large tongue (magroglossie), a uvula large and thickened, large tonsils. Patients who have chronic nasal obstruction (significant deviation of the nasal septum, inflammatory diseases of the nose and sinuses), favor a strict mouth breathing at night, and are therefore particularly exposed to develop a snoring.

Are products sold in pharmacy against snoring effective?

These medications that are applied locally most often on the soft palate before bed have not been the subject of validation of results in medical or scientific publications (to my knowledge). They would reduce the vibration of the soft tissues responsible for snoring ... The almost constant failure of these therapies leads patients to consult a medical specialist to find a solution.

In the non-surgical treatments exposed to the patient "ronchopathe", I insist on the almost constant effectiveness of a slimming when there is an overweight. I indicate for other patients who have retrognatious or rocking of the tongue base lying down, the possibility of using a mandibular advancement orthosis which is in these cases very effective! The mandibular advancement orthosis is a tailor-made resin apparatus on the dental arches of the patient, and allowing in an extended position to "propel" forward the mandible and thus to avoid when falling, the fall back of the language base responsible for snoring.

Are snoring sounds too revealing of sleep apnea syndrome or unrelated ?

A severe and daily snoring often leads the patient to consult spontaneously or more often under the pressure of those around him: it is indeed one of the main signs suggestive of a syndrome of sleep apnea (SAS), especially if the doctor found other signs suggestive of sleep apnea syndrome and first and foremost this famous morning fatigue and daytime sleepiness related to non-restorative sleep.

Even a very loud snoring may not be associated with sleep apnea syndrome, and depending on the responses given by the snoring patient, it may be possible to perform the sleep examination (polygraphy or polysomnography) to detect a sleep apnea Sleep apnea syndrome associated with snoring, and especially to define the severity (mild, moderate or severe sleep apnea syndrome) to adapt the treatment.

Can the consequences of sleep apnea be severe?

Without hesitation yes! Daytime sleepiness associated with untreated sleep apnea syndrome can cause drowsiness while driving and can be life-threatening in the person's daily commute.

In the medium term, the cardiovascular risks of untreated severe sleep apnea syndrome are becoming better known, particularly with the appearance of:

  • high blood pressure,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • coronary artery disease (angina pectoris, infarction),
  • stroke,
  • heart rhythm disorders and
  • heart failure ...

Although they do not involve the lives of patients, it should be noted that cognitive disorders (mood disorders, global intellectual dysfunction, short and long-term memory problems) are very common in patients' syndromes. sleep apnea moderate and severe untreated ...

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