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To make good resolutions, every moment is good. Before the summer, at the beginning, in the middle of winter, on New Year's Day ... One fine morning, we decree: "Go, I'm going to sport ! ". Here are some information to stick to, and tips for choosing your gym .

For who ?

The good thing about gyms is that you have a choice. Various activities are offered to people who do not really know which sport to choose or who wish to model different parts of their body.
In addition to the idea of ​​"à la carte sport", cinemas are a good way to meet people. Group lessons, yoga, dance ... you can combine business with pleasure by making you abs and friends!

Proposed activities

> Group classes: Different according to the rooms, they are nonetheless varied. From the classic "abs-buttocks" to the most original "body attack", these courses are offered by competent teachers. It is necessary to think well to look at the choice and the schedules of the courses proposed by the various sports halls. Because if we dream of salsa lessons, and that this course takes place only during the hours of work, we will have taken a subscription for nothing ...

> Bodybuilding room: This is the big room full of mirrors with torture machines whose instructions for use are unknown ?! Do not panic, the machines available to everyone can be presented by the staff of the gym. We will indicate, according to the needs of each, which machine to use.

> The personal coaches
For a financial supplement, special supervision may be available. The course takes place in the gym, and the teacher will prepare his program according to the expectations, level and desires of each. If you want to progress quickly, this personal coaching is a good solution.

7 minutes workout

You would like to do more sports, but can not find the time? A few minutes a day are enough to (re) put your body in shape: Try the 7 minutes workout!

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? Appointment in our Sport FORUMS or A doctor answers you!

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