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Gym: The little ones

Again, it is important to learn, because depending on the gym or package that we choose, the proposed benefits will not be the same. Many rooms now offer a relaxation area with sauna, steam room, massages, swimming pool ... What good digest his abs-buttocks! After the effort, the comfort ...

The rates

The price is the "hitch" of the gym. Often quite exorbitant, it can still be negotiated. Some rooms also offer student discounts or formulas less complete and therefore cheaper. You have to think carefully before registering and comparing several rooms before making your choice.
To amortize the price of the subscription, you have to go on average twice a week to the room.

Some addresses

> Club Moving
140 clubs spread throughout France, in DOM-TOM (Réunion, Guadeloupe ...), and abroad (Morocco, Portugal, Romania ...).
Rates: They vary depending on the location and size of the gym. On average between 500 and 700 € the year.
More info:

> Fitness Price
This brand is defined as "the low price form", with prices that want to defy any competition.
Rates: between 300 and 500 € approximately per year. Some services are optional: towel, sauna ...
More info:

> Club Med Gym
A large brand that offers a variety of courses, but all centers are located in the heart or around the capital.
Prices: 880 € the annual card ("Essential Subscription").
For Waou (luxury version clubs): more than 1, 300 € the annual card, and more than 500 € the quarterly card. There is also a monthly card (240 € per month), or a Waou pass 10 sessions for 350 €.
More info:

> Lady Fitness
The concept is simple: sweat, suffer, build up ... between girls! Activities à la carte specially designed for women (curved thighs, flat stomach, ...). Who said sexist ?!
Rates: They vary according to the centers and activities chosen.
More info:

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