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Black stools: What reveals the color of our stool

The color (and consistency) of our stools is indicative of our digestive state, and our health in general. Here is a list of the different colors by which our stool can pass, and what it means on our health.

Green stools

Green stains in your stool may mean you've eaten ... kale or spinach! Nothing serious so ...

Red stools

If you find traces of red blood in your stool, it is certainly that there is a lesion that bleeds in your digestive tract, between the stomach and the anus. This is called rectorragies.

White stool

White or clayy stools are linked to a lack of bile, whose degradation in stercobilin gives the brown color to the stool. This lack of bile may be due to a problem of excretion of bile in the liver (related to liver disease) or a blockage in the bile ducts (bilary calculus, etc.).

Yellow stools

The yellow stool may reflect either a bile secretion problem (resulting from an abnormality in the bile ducts, liver or gall bladder), or a parasitic infection with Giardia Intestinalis. When the stools are yellow and oily, they reflect poor digestion of fat, most often due to intolerance to gluten or a problem in the pancreas: pancreatitis, etc. Stress or anxiety could also promote this bad digestion.

Chocolate chestnut stool

All is well, you are in good health!

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