Special couple: lose weight with two! : testimonials

Pierre, 30, and Mélissa, 28, tell us about their two-for-one war.

You look like a couple in good shape, is your line a concern?

Melissa: Let's say she was not before, but now she is! We've been together for almost 7 years, and it's only been a few months since we managed to win the war against the pounds!

A war against the pounds? Tell us...

Pierre: When we got together, at first everything was fine. We went out a lot, everyone was paying attention to his appearance for the other ... And then when we settled together, after a year, things began to change.

Melissa: You mean we let things change! We did not really make any effort not to let go ... At table, it's true that we both like things a little fat, cheese, dishes in sauce, crisps. .. then the calories started to accumulate!

You took a lot of weight?

Melissa and Pierre: Yes!

Melissa: Especially me who is not at all sporty. And since Pierre eats a lot, I tend to follow him and make big portions. While alone, I would not have eaten all that!

How did the click come?

Mélissa: One day, we were looking at pictures of us at the beginning of our relationship and that was the shock! We said to ourselves "what are we beautiful and thin! ".

A radical diet based on vegetables, fish and whole grains was then undertaken. We paid a lot of attention to the portions, we weighed the food and we did not reterve!

Pierre: ... and then we played sports too. We go to the pool every weekend, and during the week we do one or two jogging in our neighborhood.

And the results were quickly felt?

Melissa: Not fast enough for us! At first it was ok, we were very motivated both. But with time, it has happened that one or the other cracks. But that's where the strength of the couple served: we really helped each other!

Pierre: Fortunately we never cracked at the same time ...

Mélissa: Today, we arrived at our "cruising weight", and we hope to keep it!

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