Spasmophilia: Treatments

A crisis of spasmophilia can be spectacular and frighten the entourage. The only thing to do is to reassure everyone, isolate the patient and offer to breathe calmly.

If the crisis does not stop, it is sometimes useful to breathe the patient into a paper bag or plastic eventually. This allows the patient to concentrate on his breathing, and to reduce the hyperventilation that maintains tetany. Be careful, this gesture must be done in the presence of someone. If the person faints with the bag on their head, they may choke. An anti-anxiety medication may be indicated if the seizure persists despite the advice given above.

Spasmophilia is not a serious disease, seizures are not life-threatening.

To treat spasmophilia it is possible to prescribe magnesium combined with vitamin B6, calcium or even trace elements but none of these treatments has proved its effectiveness. Homeopathic treatment can also be beneficial in someone with spasmophilia.
Psychological or medical treatment of depression or anxiety disorders can also relieve a number of spasmophiles.

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