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Stress: treatments

Hard to fight an invisible opponent! How can we manage stress? If you feel stressed, anxious, you must first try to determine the origin of the stress to intervene with a treatment. It is often in the professional or family context that the problem lies. A difficult boss, children who sleep less than usual or a change in habits may be enough.

The problem identified, it is necessary either to avoid it, it is not always easy, to learn how to accommodate it. Everyone can develop attitudes that will help them cope better with this pressure. It may be useful, for example, to have quiet beaches during the day or to ensure a more relaxed pace of life with scheduled leisure activities.

We must also know how to decompress. All techniques of relaxation and relaxation are valid. Yoga, sophrology, sauna, massages ... all is to find an activity that pleases.

There are no real medications for stress, unless there are some stress-related symptoms: anxiety, generalized anxiety, or depression. If you have too much symptoms, talk to your doctor who may prescribe a punctual remedy.
In case of anxiety, anxiety ... specific drugs may be indicated. But the best solution is probably a cognitive and behavioral therapy.

Can psychotherapy be an anti-stress? For example, through behavioral therapy, these people will learn to deal with difficult situations. Quite often, after a few sessions, we get good results.

For the followers of so-called soft medicines, acupuncture can be one of the solutions. If one considers a homeopathic treatment of stress, it will first talk to a health professional (pharmacist or doctor) who will help you. Here are some homeo solutions that can be proposed as treatment in case of stress:

  • if anxiety: Sedative PC® (2 tablets to be sucked 3 times a day),
  • if you are nervous: Zenalia® (1 tablet morning and evening, and often if necessary), or Gelsenium 15 CH, 5 granules a day, to be repeated according to the intensity of the symptoms.
  • if panic attack: Aconite 30 CH (1 dose to be renewed ½ hour later, if necessary),
  • if agitation, precipitation: Argentum nitricum 15 CH (5 granules per day).

It is also recommended to take a nutritional supplement based on magnesium.

Note that a balanced diet (even nutritional supplements), a good sleep and physical exercise (endurance sport: walking, cycling, running, swimming) have an important place alongside homeopathic treatment, for find your balance and your health permanently.

Some practical tips to combat stress in everyday life:

Against insomnia and nervousness
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