Deafness: prevention

The prevention of congenital deafness is not always obvious.

Pregnant women with the doctor or midwife will take preventive measures to limit harmful influences on the hearing of their unborn child:

  • To avoid infections (such as rubella, toxoplasmosis, syphilis) for example, through vaccination when possible,
  • Do not take drugs that could harm the hearing of the unborn child (some antibiotics - aminoglycosides, diuretics and cytostatics),
  • No smoking,
  • Do not drink alcohol.
How much alcohol is damaging the baby? During pregnancy, every glass of alcohol is too much ...

During childhood or adulthood, it can be difficult to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases, or hearing disorders resulting from trauma for example, which can lead to deafness.

Another important prevention rule for reducing hearing loss is to control noise pollution, control and limit the use of headphones for listening to music.

A last important prevention rule for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of deafness: in case of sudden or lasting hearing loss or infection, do not wait and see your doctor!

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