Syllogomania: the consequences

The consequences of a syllogomania are numerous on different aspects ...

  • The socio-family consequences

By shame or fear of criticism, the syllogomania causes the individual to fall back on himself, in his world that only he can tolerate. It isolates itself from its friendly, family, and sometimes professional environment.

  • The material consequences

The material consequences can be serious, from insalubrity - and its share of nuisances and uncontrollable odors - to the increased risk of fire.

  • Psychic consequences

The consequences mentioned above and the awareness of the disorder can make the bed of a depression, not to be admitted because lived in shame.

On the other hand, the syllogomania can evolve in rare cases to a serious disorder described since Greek antiquity, the Diogenes syndrome. In addition to material accumulation, this syndrome is defined by extreme negligence of the individual who goes as far as storing household garbage ... and even his urine. Like its dirty and unhygienic housing, the individual locks himself into a sort of self-explosion, allowing unpaid bills to accumulate, and omitting all hygiene and health care.

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