Shaken baby syndrome: the causes

The only cause of shaken baby syndrome is abuse. It follows one or more violent acts. The cause is often the shaking, that is to say the action of shaking a child. The tragedy can even take place in the context of a game. Only once is enough to cause serious lesions caused by shaken baby syndrome.

A baby is very fragile. His head is very big, very heavy compared to his body. On top of that, during the first months, she is badly held on her neck by muscles not yet tonic enough. If we shake a baby a little vigorously, the head will bounce in all directions. Because of the sudden deceleration of the head, the blood vessels that irrigate the brain may be sheared, torn. Therefore, hemorrhage occurs and causes extra-cerebral (subdural) hematoma.

The brains of babies are housed in a box too big. Indeed, there is a space between the bones of the skull and the brain, even wider than the baby is small and it is a boy. The brain is not stalled and moves in the cranial box. When the baby is shaken, his brain knocks against the wall and crashes against the bone and neurological tissue damage occurs, intracerebral hemorrhages may form as well as retinal damage with intra-retinal hemorrhages.

It requires a trauma all the same violent enough that the lesions appear; sometimes rib fractures are observed because of the aggressor's grip, increased tenfold by anger.

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