Encephalitis: the treatments

Treatments for toxemia of pregnancy vary according to the term of the pregnancy and the problems observed.

In all cases, a hospitalization of the patient is systematic for a perfect care.

The onset of delivery or caesarean section may be considered, to avoid eclampsia during childbirth.

If the delivery date is still far, and the child and mother are well, antihypertensive drugs will be prescribed.

Complete rest and urine protein monitoring and biological constants are essential. Besides that, a salt-free diet is not necessary.

The blood pressure, fetal well-being and weight of the patient are monitored continuously.

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If childbirth is the only way to save the mother and child, corticosteroids will be administered to the mother-to-be, to avoid the risk of serious respiratory problems of the baby.

Note that in case of a history of pre-eclampsia, a low-dose aspirin treatment (75 to 160 mg / day) may be prescribed during the next pregnancy.

But beware: the administration of aspirin can only be done under medical supervision, aspirin being contraindicated in self-medication during pregnancy.

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