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Cancerous tumor: Treatments

They are numerous and depend on the size, location, extent of this tumor and its biological characteristics. The main treatment is surgery that removes the tumor. The surgeon removes, as much as possible, the tumor and even a little beyond to remove any cancer cells that have infiltrated the surrounding tissues. It is sometimes necessary to also remove ganglia affected by the disease.

Other cancer treatments include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted drugs, immunotherapy. Very often, different treatments are combined to fight the cancerous tumor. Some of these treatments can only be delivered in the hospital (radiotherapy), but others can be taken at home (sometimes as part of a home hospitalization - HAD).

Most of these treatments have harmful side effects, against which fortunately solutions exist. These side effects can be important.

Beside these treatments that attack the cancerous tumor, it is important to be supported psychologically. Many doctors also insist on practicing physical activity (to the extent of their means). This physical activity helps increase the chances of healing.

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> Inca, 2014.

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