A flat stomach: adopt good food reflexes

As often, to transform his figure, it is imperative to change his eating habits. But without necessarily speaking diet, one can easily learn to eat better.

Some foods are indeed thin allies of the silhouette. Favoring the consumption of fruits and vegetables increases its fiber intake. These have the advantage of being satiating, and promote the proper functioning of the intestinal transit (these fiber intake must be increased gradually to avoid a "irritation" digestive, sometimes causing bloating).

It is essential to control your sugar consumption and reduce fat to refine your waist. It is not a question of totally suppressing them but of consuming them in moderation. Lean proteins (low in fat) are also welcome.

How to burn the calories absorbed?

Our calorie calculator gives you an idea of ​​the equivalence between the calories of your small differences and the physical activity to be favored to burn them ... Choose your food and launch the calorie calculator!

Practice the right exercises

Having a tonic abdominal belt can show a firmer belly, and therefore flatter. Muscle belly goes hand in hand with muscle on his back. One thus naturally modifies one's posture, and when one is better, one seems more thin. To achieve this, you can seek advice from a physiotherapist or physical trainer.

The ideal is of course to focus on endurance activities that draw on fat reserves (running, swimming ...). In addition to a few minutes of daily exercises (5 to 10 minutes a day are enough) will allow to work his well known muscles: the abdominals and obliques located on the side.

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