Urticaria: the causes

The most common cause of hives is a secondary allergy. The body considers an allergen to be dangerous, and when it comes in contact with it, it triggers an allergic reaction to defend itself.

The body then releases a chemical substance, histamine, which acts at different levels of the body and causes rashes and itching.

This secondary allergy can be induced by several factors, having different causes:

  • the absorption of drugs (antibiotics often of the penicillin family, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ...);
  • absorption of certain foods (strawberries, exotic fruits, crustaceans and fish, chocolate, tomatoes, eggs, berries, nuts ...);
  • insect bites (wasp, bee, ...);
  • jellyfish stings, which are very painful and can be serious;
  • an allergy by contact (pet hair, latex, cosmetics, soaps, perfumes ...).

Other causes:

  • A viral, bacterial, or parasitic attack can also be at the origin of a crisis of urticaria.
  • Intense cold, sun exposure and intense efforts can also cause a hives attack.
  • Tobacco, alcohol and coffee are not causes of hives, but they can worsen the symptoms.

If the urticaria attacks are repeated, it is recommended to consult an allergist doctor, who will determine the cause.

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