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Baby clothes: Shoes

Until baby walks, the shoes are useless. At home, socks are enough to prevent him from having cold feet. In his first efforts to get up, it is better not to put a shoe to stimulate his arch.

Maintenance of baby clothes

Choose easy-care, machine washable, quick-drying clothes. On the one hand it is a time saver for you, on the other hand they will be better washed and rinsed. Use a dermatologically tested detergent so as not to attack the fragile skin of the infant. A hypoallergenic softener will make the laundry even softer.

Dress up baby

Dressing a newborn always looks impressive; in the face of such a small body, the fear of hurting is natural. During your stay at the maternity ward, the nursery nurse will show you how to dress an infant and you will inculcate the right gestures, which will quickly become reflexes. In addition, the step of the dressing will be facilitated thanks to the clothes birth whose clever closing system minimizes the difficulties.

In the meantime, here are the highlights:
> To put on the body, widen the neckline as much as possible, frilly the whole garment in your hands, pass it on the baby's face, then his skull.
> For the sleeves, put your hand on the end of the sleeve, grab the baby's hand, then unroll the sleeve on his arm.
> To put on a sweater or t-shirt, simply proceed in the same way as for the body.
> For trousers or overalls, use the same trick; put your hand in the trousers at the foot, frown your leg around your hand, grab the baby's foot and unroll the pant leg to the knee.

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How to dress a newborn? Here is a key question for young parents ... Visualize and remember the gestures made by the nursery nurse to dress the infant.

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