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Swollen belly: when to consult?

It is important to check if abnormal digestive disorders occur and persist abnormally. It is important to possibly diagnose an organic cause (inflammation, diverticulum, polyp or other tumor ...).

We can consult first a general practitioner or possibly a gastroenterologist, if the swollen stomach problem recurrence or if in addition to the dilated abdomen, other worrying symptoms occur.

In case of fever, pain, or even vomiting, it will be necessary to consult immediately.

Of course, in some cases, special investigations must be carried out, especially if the belly tends to remain inflated.

The doctor will ask you many questions about the circumstances of your appearance, your associated symptoms. He will examine you, especially the belly, palpate, appreciate its flexibility, etc. Because of course, all the causes can be evoked ... even a possible pregnancy according to the symptoms!

In very rare cases, it may be necessary to perform a rectal examination, or a vaginal touch in women. Depending on the symptoms observed, the doctor may prescribe additional tests (blood test, X-rays ...).

If the problem turns out to be benign, that the swollen belly is simply linked to a functional colopathy with aerocolie for example, the proposed solutions will start with dietary advice, a modification or an adaptation of dietetics.

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