Varnish: the toxic components to be wary of!


Woman and coquettish to the tips of the nails, yes. but not at any price; not taking risks for his health or for the planet! Opt for "free" varnish.

Green lagoon, blue iridescent, blood red, they show all the colors!

Over the course of fashions and technological innovations, varnishes have been enriched with substances that last a long time (a very long time), that shine through their resistance, that dry at the speed of lightning and that glow with daring colors new trends.

With all these novelties today, we are far from ancestral recipes with henna, rose petals, beeswax and egg white! But in the end, the development and use of new products in varnishes are not necessarily innocent for the health of users.

In 2012, a warning came from the United States, the country of the "nails bar", where a survey conducted by the Department of Toxic Substances Control in manicure salons found toxic substances in varnishes that should not contain them. It has been discovered that formaldehyde and phthalates, known for their toxicity and banned since 2001, rubbed shoulders with compounds not listed in the INCI ( International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients ) list.

For its part, Europe has also been interested in the subject: the European Commission has also carried out analyzes on batches of varnish. No panic, European polishes seem to better comply with the established rules on composition. Nevertheless, this is a publicity stunt, the manufacturers of which would have gone well.

The public is now aware that "no" polishes - without toluene, formaldehyde, phthalate - should be preferred over "with" polishes. We call them the 3 "free"

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