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Violence in school: Chrystelle's testimony

Chrystelle, 39, is the mother of a child victim of violence at school ... She gives us her testimony about the harassment that her child suffered.

Tell us your experience ...

Louis returned in the middle of the year of CE2 to a new school, because we had moved during the year for professional reasons. We thought everything would be pretty good because it was just a month (June) and his birthday was late June, we took the opportunity to have a little party and invite children, a little to get to know each other. The anniversary went well and everyone had a good time. It was thought that our child was integrated into the school, at least to his class. It was the return of the holiday of All Saints of the following year that things began to deteriorate for Louis.

What happened ?

At first, nothing serious. At least nothing that justifies our attention. Then little by little, Louis closed on himself. He who is usually prolix, happy, smiling, began to pretend headaches, belly. Our doctor told us about simulation ... We saw a psychiatrist, another.
Then the school psychologist summoned us. She told us about very big problems of behavior of Louis who did not integrate the school and which annoyed his comrades ... We spent a year of CM1 absolutely terrible. Louis was not invited to any birthday, no party, no tasting. I went out of school with them and I remember crying on my way home, because my son was totally ignored and isolated, no one spoke to him, no one wanted to stand next to him.

What have you done ?

At the beginning of CM2, we were again summoned by the psychiatrist who told us verbatim: we can not continue like this. Completely shot, we went home. In the evening we had a little chat with Louis. Little by little we started to get clearer, we should have started there. Louis was the Turk's head of school students, he had awful nicknames, kids stopped their noses when he passed them, he was isolated at recess ... We do not know how or why it was started, but the result was there ... This time, we asked for an appointment. We went up to the niche. We had put our finger in a nest that we did not even suspect. I was sick. My poor boy had been the target of harassment from the whole school, even the smallest, under the general indifference of the staff. Worse still, the headmistress had preferred to close her eyes and pick on our son, which was much easier than tackling dozens of children and twice as many parents.

What was the solution?

We ended the year shakily and we enrolled our son in 6 th in a private college although we think it is not the solution, but it was ours. Today, he passes in 3 rd and he is well surrounded, we make sure. We all know the parents of his comrades. It's going very well and we are all trying to forget those years of primary school.

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