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Your contacts at the hospital: your administrative interlocutors

The administrative interlocutors at the hospital ensure all the necessary formalities for your admission, your exit and your support by the health insurance.

  • The administrative agents carry out the administrative formalities in the admissions office and in the service of the expenses of stay.
  • The social worker is the link between the hospital and the outside world. It intervenes, at your request, to facilitate the access to the rights (health cover), the assistance to the daily life or the organization of the exit. If necessary, she is responsible for finding a place in a follow-up or re-education establishment. To meet with her, talk to nurses, nurses or service doctors.
    For the representatives of the users and the medical mediator, consult the heading "The rights of the patient" on the site

Technical and workers personnel

Even if you do not meet it very rarely, the technical staff and worker actively contributes to your care and comfort by ensuring the operation and maintenance of premises, medical devices or computer and many hospital services such as the kitchen, work, maintenance ... - Hospital Federation of France

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